While the singing group, The Jordans, may not be widely known by Southern Gospel listeners, the group is headed up by David Jordan who has been involved as bass singer for Phil Cross and Poet Voices and has sung with Todd Nelon Quartet.  While with Poet Voices, they were part of the Gaither Concerts & Video Series, sang at The Georgia Dome, featured at The National Quartet Convention and California Quartet Convention and has traveled across the USA & Canada .  This has brought a background to the group that enhances the choice of music and songs as well as brought traveling experiences that make this regrouping of The Jordans more prepared than ever to minister in gospel song for the glory of God. David believes that God took him into these past six years of traveling to provide him the opportunity of learning from others and now be more prepared to lead this singing ministry where God wants it to go.

The Jordans have a style in southern gospel music from traditional anthems to ballads, to hand-clapping rejoicing songs. Although the sound is important to them, the ministry is what has called this group together seeking the blessings of God's anointing to be used as a vessel of praise to Him and a blessing to those who listen.

Other members of this ministry include David's wife, Damaris, who has sung with The Jordans since it first began as a family ministry. She has enjoyed speaking to women's groups and helped organize women's retreats hoping to share her love for God and the love He has for everyone. She brings a unique vocal style to the stage and also shares from her heart the joys of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord.

 Forrest Stroup, our piano player, joined the group in April 2008.  He is from east Cobb County, GA.  He started taking piano lessons in the second grade and began playing at his church at a very early age.  Later, at age sixteen, he started playing for a local group called “The Spiritualairs” .   The group later changed their name to “The Senators” and sang with several professional groups at many concerts, most notably at the Atlanta City Auditorium.  He later played for several local groups in the Atlanta area.  One of these was the group  “Rapture” that his son and daughter-in-law had for a number of years singing all over the southeast.

Joe, David’s brother, joining us in June 2009, was one of the original members of The Jordan Family.  He has been very active singing in his home church in Thomaston, GA and serving friends and family singing for weddings and other services.  He has been an avid hunter and locally known for his carpentry skills which is his line of occupation, now owning his own business.  He has joined the group singing baritone and showing his talent and versatility doing solos and sharing lead to create a new Jordan sound. 

Ron Papizan, is glad to be our newest member. Ron has been singing lead in numerous groups for over 20 years. The most recent include Mercy’s Heart, a trio, and lastly Calvary’s Way Quartet, a group that sang several times with The Jordans.  Ron is  married to Debbie and they have 5 children and 1 grandchild. Ron is excited about the opportunity to be part of The Jordans’ ministry. Ron has music in his heart and is amazed at how God uses Southern Gospel music to offer encouragement to those in need as well as a path to salvation through the words in the wonderful songs.  

If you come to hear The Jordans or hear a recording, their desire is that God will bless and draw you ever nearer to Him. Without God's blessing upon them, they could not and would not do the weekend schedule that takes them away from family and church. But, believing it is God's call to them, they are honored and thrilled to be available for church services and events. Please pray for them that God will be glorified in all they undertake to do in serving Him.

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